World War 1


The Great War 1914 – 1918

Over 400 men from the Victoria Park area served in the Great War.  Of these, around one in five were officially killed in action, although the figure is higher if you include those who later died of their injuries.

The following table is a web-friendly version of a larger database held at the Victoria Park RSL on behalf of the local community.

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Family NameGiven NamesRankServiceKIA,POWAwardsAIF Project
AbbottHarold HenryPrivate24th BattalionKIAAIF Project
AbbottJoseph HopePrivate51st BattalionAIF Project
AdamsonErnest EdwardPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
AdamsonJohn EdmundPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
AllenErnest GordonPrivate11th BattalionAIF Project
AlletsonJames CuthbertPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
AllisonRichard EricPrivate32nd Battalion AIF Project
AndersonFrancisPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
AndersenAnton AlexanderPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsKIAAIF Project
AndersenHans PeterPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
AndersonJohn Leslie MontrosePrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
AndersonLeslie CharlesPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
AndersonWilliam FlemingPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment KIAAIF Project
ArmstrongThomas GeorgePrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
ArnoldFrederick GeorgeLance Corporal3rd Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
AshleyGeorgePrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
AtkinsWilliam Private44th Battalion KIAAIF Project
AylingWalter Anthony2nd Lieut16th Battalion DCMAIF Project
BainbridgeJohn ThomasGunner12th Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
BainbridgeVictorPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
BakerBob HeardPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
BaldwinEdward GeorgePrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
BantockFrederick GilbertPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
BarefootGeorge EdwardPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
BaronRubenPrivate1st ANZAC Mounted DivisionAIF Project
BatesJames Private16th Battalion AIF Project
BathgateArchibald GeorgeSergeant11th Battalion AIF Project
BathgateClarence AlbertPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
BathgateRobert WilliamPrivate28th Battalion MMAIF Project
BeanArthur MalcolmPrivate12th Battalion AIF Project
Bean James HaroldPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
BeardGerald Audley BabbingtonSapper1st Tunnelling CompanyAIF Project
BeardGeorge BrainsfordPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
BeesleyRobert ArthurCorpl3rd Field Artillery BrigadeKIAAIF Project
BedderEdward HenrySapperSignallers AIF Project
BenporathFrank HiltonSergt Major3rd Field Artillery Brigade KIAMiDAIF Project
BickHarryPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
BishopHenryPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
BishopAlfred ThomasPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
BlakeArthurPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
BlakersSydney GeorgePrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
BlechyndenFrederick WilliamPrivate11th BattalionKIAAIF Project
BlencoweSydney FennerPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
BoardCliffordGunner3rd Field Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
BogueJoseph HamiltonPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
BolandAndrew QuintonL/Sergeant44th Battalion AIF Project
BolandGeorge ThomasSapperTunnelling Company AIF Project
BradleyAugustusGunner1st Divisional Ammunition ColumnAIF Project
BradyEdgar VernonPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment KIAAIF Project
BrodieLeslie JohnLeading SeamanRoyal Australian NavyAIF Project
BrownAlbert NormanGunnerField Artillery Brigade AIF Project
BrownGordon ThomasPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
BuccieWilliam MartinPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
BurbidgeArthurPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
BurgessJohnPrivate32nd Battalion AIF Project
BurkeEdwardPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
BurnettAlan RobinsonPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
BurtonLesliePrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
BushJames WilliePrivate28th Battlation KIAAIF Project
BuzzaJohn MitchellPrivate11th BattalionKIAAIF Project
CaddenWilliam ThomasSergeantAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
CalderWalterPrivate43rd Battalion AIF Project
CameronEwen AnthonyDriverAustralian Flying CorpsAIF Project
CampbellThomasPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
CampbellSydney DenisonCQMS28th Battalion MIDAIF Project
CarpenterTomPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
CarseArthur EdwardLieut16th Battalion KIAMiDAIF Project
CastlesArthur HaroldLieut11th Battalion MCAIF Project
CastlesEdward HarleyPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
CastlesWilfred HenryPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
CarwardineClarence Private16th Battalion AIF Project
CatterallHarold Corporal11th Battalion AIF Project
ChathamEdgar EdwinPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
ChesterSydneyPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
ChesterWilliam AlexanderPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
ChisnallWilliamPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsKIAAIF Project
ClarkFrederick GeorgePrivate28th BattalionKIAAIF Project
ClarkFrederick JohnL/Corporal6th BattalionAIF Project
ClarkeHorace PercyCorporalAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
ClaytonFrederickLieutAustralian Flying CorpsAIF Project
ClaytonThomas GeorgeSergt28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
CoffeyEdmond JohnPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
CollinsDouglasPrivate5th Pioneer Battalion KIAAIF Project
CookArthur BertelPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
CookWilliam WatersPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
CorseErnest DavidPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
CorserDouglas JohnPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
CoxEdwin CharlesPrivate2nd Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
CoxJohn PhilipPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsKIAAIF Project
Cox Louis FrederickPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
CoxenAlfred JosephPrivate1st ANZAC Mounted DivisionAIF Project
CrombieDavidPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
CunninghamWilliam ThomasGunnerField Artillery Brigade AIF Project
CurranWilliam ArthurPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
DaddowStanley RydeDriverField Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
DaleCecil Maurice EdmundPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
DamonFrankPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
DavidsonAlexander Private28th Battalion AIF Project
DavisNelsonSapper6th Tunnelling Company AIF Project
DevenishArthur LancelotPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
DevenishCharles RowlandPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
DevenishGeorge FrederickL/Corporal44th Battalion AIF Project
DewarNorman BernardPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
DewarAlexanderPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
DilleyHenry William FrederickPrivate5th Pioneer BattalionAIF Project
DimondCharles LesliePrivate16th Battalion MMAIF Project
DonnellyHenry ThomasPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
DoveyReginald WalkerLieutenant16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
DoveyFrederick George HaroldPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
DowneyWilliam KarlinSergtAustralian Field ArtilleryKIAAIF Project
DoxeyThomas EdwardPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
DraineWalter Sergeant10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
DucieHenryCorporal16th Battalion AIF Project
DunbarJohn StuartSapperTunnelling Company AIF Project
DuncanJamesPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
DunneWilliam EdwinPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
EarnshawWilliam JohnSapper4th Divisional Signal Company AIF Project
EastDavid ChesterCorporal1st Australian Remount UnitAIF Project
EcclesArchibaldPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
ElsegoodRoy ReginaldPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
ElshawJohn William BarkerL/Corporal16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
EvansWalter Stanley EdwardPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
EwersDonald ErnestPrivate44th Battalion KIAAIF Project
FardellGeorgeSergeantAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
FarmerHubertL/Corporal28th Battalion DCMAIF Project
Fiennes-ClintonEdward HenryPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
FinlayPercy WilliamPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
FitzpatrickRaymond ColumbusGunnerField Artillery Brigade AIF Project
FitzpatrickClare StephanieStaff NurseAustralian Army Nursing ServiceAIF Project
FitzpatrickWalter VincentPrivate28th Battalion KIAMiDAIF Project
FlemingTom JosephPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
FlintErnest EdwinPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
FoxFrederick RichardPrivate1st ANZAC Mounted DivisionAIF Project
FrancisWilliam JohnPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
FrancisJohn RichardPrivate16th BattalionKIAAIF Project
GadekeRichardPrivate5th Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
GardinerRichard JohnPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
GardnerJohn GladstonePrivate12th Battalion KIAAIF Project
GardnerSydney JamesPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
GeddesCyril ArthurLieut16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
GibsonWilfred AllenGunner10th Field Artillery BrigadeKIAAIF Project
GiddingsEdgar FrankDriverAustralian General Base DepotAIF Project
GilbeyFrederick JamesCorporal51st Battalion KIAAIF Project
GillonWilliam EdwardCorporal44th Battalion AIF Project
GlencrossThomasPrivate44th Battalion MMAIF Project
GoddardArthur CoombsGunner3rd Field Artillery BrigadeKIAAIF Project
GoerkeLeslie ReubenDriver3rd Divisional Ammunition ColumnAIF Project
GoninonHarryPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
GoodHenry MurrayPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
GoodierFrederickPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
GordonJames CurriePrivate16th Battalion MiDAIF Project
GordonWilliamPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
GormanHughCorporalAustralian Army Service Corps AIF Project
GormanJohn RobertPrivate5th Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
GovanWilliam AlexanderL/Corporal44th Battalion AIF Project
GowerCecil AuberyPrivate48th Battalion AIF Project
GrahamWilliam AllanPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
GrayDouglas GeorgeSergeant32nd Battalion AIF Project
GriffithsFrederick WilliamPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
GuthrieAlexander RichardPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment KIAAIF Project
HaighJohnPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
HanningJohnPrivateAustralian Army Medical Corps AIF Project
HanningThomas MabenPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
HansenAlfredPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
HansenAlfred HenryPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
HarperWilliam HopePrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
HarrisFrankPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
HarrisCharlesPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
HarrisGeorgePrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
HattonSamuel HowardDriver25th Howitzer BrigadeAIF Project
HaugheyCharles StephenPrivate44th Battalion KIAAIF Project
HawthorneWalter WilliamGunner2nd Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
HaynesWalter WilliamPrivate4th Divisional Signal CompanyAIF Project
HealyJamesPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
HealyMartin JohnPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
HeapFrederick JamesPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
HendleyArthur CliveCorporal23rd Howitzer BrigadeAIF Project
HendryAlan StewartPrivate44th BattalionAIF Project
HetheringtonJohnCorporal32nd Battalion AIF Project
HicksCharles ThomasSergeant28th Battalion AIF Project
HighamFrederick JohnPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
HillAlbertPrivate12th Battalion AIF Project
HineCharles AlfredPrivateAustralian Flying CorpsAIF Project
HitchHerbert VesperLieutenant11th Battalion AIF Project
HobsonEdwardPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
HodgesReginald Private28th Battalion AIF Project
HodgsonArthurPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
HolmanWalter ErnestPrivate31st Battalion AIF Project
HoodJohnPrivate12th Battalion AIF Project
HopeArthur SidneyPrivate4th Imperial Camel BrigadeAIF Project
HopkinsAllanGunner2nd Field Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
HopkinsRonald KennethBombardier6th Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
HorsfallJosephPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
HowsonLeonard James BallardPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
HuddWilliam ThomasChaplainAustralian Army Medical Corps AIF Project
HughesNorman Private21st Battalion AIF Project
HunterBernard DouglasPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
HunterHughPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
HurstLeslie ThomasPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
HutchisonNorman EricGunner10th Field Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
Jackson JosephDriver11th Battalion AIF Project
JeffreyJoseph JessePrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
JeffreyRichardCorporal44th BattlalionAIF Project
JellingsSydney Lance Sergeant28th Battalion AIF Project
JenningsRobert Charles2nd Corporal44th Battalion MMAIF Project
JohnsEwart LesliePrivate1st Australian Light RailwayAIF Project
JohnstonJames RaffertyLieutenant32nd Battalion AIF Project
JohnstonRobertL/Corpl32nd Battalion POWAIF Project
JohnstonThomas RaffertySapperRailway Unit AIF Project
JonesHorace DigbyGunner25th Howitzer BrigadeAIF Project
JonesWilliam HenryCorporalRailway Unit AIF Project
KarinCyrilPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
KeesingRoss AlexanderPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
KeightleyJim ErnestSapper4th Divisional Signal CompanyAIF Project
KempWilliam JamesCorporalAustralian Flying CorpsAIF Project
KerrCharles ThomasDriver10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
KerrThomasL/Corporal2nd Australian Stationary HospitalAIF Project
KerrRobert JamesPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
KerrWilliam BellPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
KevanLindsay TelferDriver10th Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
KneeboneThomas HenryPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
KniftonSamuelSergeant51st Battalion AIF Project
KnightHerbert GeorgePrivate43rd Battalion AIF Project
LambertDouglas WarringtonGunner51st Battalion AIF Project
LammonbyGeorge EdwinPrivate51st Battalion KIAAIF Project
LandquistSwante FrancisPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
LarterHarry WilliamDriver4th Field Company Engineers AIF Project
LawlorAlfred JohnPrivate43rd Battalion KIAAIF Project
LawrenceHubertPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
LawsonStanley ThomasPrivate39th Battalion AIF Project
LeachJohn DigbyDriver13th Field Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
LearyEricCorporal10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
LearyHenry OswaldPrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
LeaverCharles HenrySapper3rd Tunnelling CompanyAIF Project
LeaverWilliam AlfredLieut28th Battalion MM MCAIF Project
LeeThomasPrivateAustralian Flying CorpsAIF Project
LeeFrederick HenrySapper4th Divisional Signal CompanyAIF Project
LeonardFrederickPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
LeylandThomasPrivate44th Battalion KIAAIF Project
LinesAlbert MurraySapper5th Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
MackayDonaldPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
MackayRobertL/Cpl11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MacraeAlick JohnCorporal44th Battalion AIF Project
MaddefordWalter RoyLieutenant44th Battalion MCAIF Project
MannersGeorge Percival RobsonCQMS16th Battalion MMAIF Project
MannersThomas JamesPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MannionIvanGunner1st to 5th Divisional Signal CompaniesAIF Project
MarriottJohn Henry WilliamPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
MartinGarnet HenryPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
MartinJames WalterPrivate43rd Battalion AIF Project
MartinHarry MilvertonPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
MathesonRobert HiltonPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MatthewsEric LancelotPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
MatthewsHerbert GeorgePrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
MaxwellAubreyPrivate27th Battalion AIF Project
MaxwellGeorge HenryPrivate3rd Pioneer BattalionAIF Project
MayfieldJamesGunner3rd Divisional Ammunition ColumnAIF Project
MayorArthurPrivate28th BattalionAIF Project
MazziniSamuel PatrickGunner1st Divisional Ammunition ColumnAIF Project
McBainJamesPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
McCarthyJoseph PatrickPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
McCrackenJosephPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
McDonaldFrank Ernest RushtonPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
McFarlaneThomasPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
McGavinAlexanderPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
McGavinClarence GeorgePrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
McGrathStanley Driver28th Battalion AIF Project
McHenryListon BartholomewSergeant11th Battalion AIF Project
McKenzieColinPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
McLellandJohn ThomasPrivate32nd Battalion AIF Project
McMasterRobert ThompsonCapt10th Light Horse Regiment KIAAIF Project
McMasterAlwyn RobertPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
MeadForest PeiseyPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
MeadFrank Mark AndrewPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
MeddAlfredL/Corporal44th Battalion AIF Project
MeekAndrew BonnerGunner14th Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
MeekWilliam GranvilleDriver11th Battalion AIF Project
MellorWilfred EdwardPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
MelveyWilliam Charles Private32nd Battalion AIF Project
MichellRupert HopePrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
MidgeleyCharles HerbertPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MidgeleyRaymond WilliamPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MillEdward Francis StanleyPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
MillWilliam Leslie StuartPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MillerJamesCapt16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
MillerWilliam AlexanderPrivate27th Battalion AIF Project
MillsSidney JohnPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
MilnerJohn James EdwardPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
MitchellFrank ThomasPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
MitchellHenryPrivateImperial Camel Corps AIF Project
MonkhouseJosephSapper1st Mining CorpsAIF Project
MonkhouseRobertSapper1st Mining CorpsAIF Project
MoonAlbert JohnPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
MooreAlfredPrivate32nd Battalion MM/CDGAIF Project
MooreFrank Private11th Battalion AIF Project
MorrisonArchibaldPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
MullerErnest Private16th Battalion AIF Project
MulliganWilfred GeorgePrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
MulliganWilliam Norman BricePrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
MulqueenyJohnPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
NarrowayHenry CorbettPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
NeillingsHarold DavidPrivate2nd Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
NelsonRobert BrucePrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
NewtonFrederick RobertPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
NewtonThomasPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
OatesClifford NichollsL/Corporal32nd Battalion KIAAIF Project
O'NeilDavidSergeant11th Battalion AIF Project
OrchardHenry DouglasBombardier10th Field Artillery BrigadeAIF Project
O'ReillyJohn ThomasL/Corporal28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
OwensDavidPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
PageWilliam FrederickPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
PantallLeonardMiner16th Battalion AIF Project
ParkerVincent AlexanderDriver2nd Field Artillery Brigade AIF Project
ParryFredPrivateAustralian Army Medical Corps AIF Project
PaulAlbert AugustinePrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
PaynterHerbert StanleyCorporal28th BattalionAIF Project
PearceJohn AbsolomPrivate44th Battalion MiDAIF Project
PemberBarnabas LesliePrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
PerrieVictor AlexanderPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
PheaseReginald ArthurPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
PhillipsErnest CharlesPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
PhillipsHerbertPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
PhillipsWilliam Charles RolandPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
PlantFrederick ThorneycroftPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
PlattsHerbertPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
PlummerGeorge AlfredPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
PlummerLeslie EdwardPrivate11th Battalion KIAAIF Project
PollittArthurPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
PorterWilliam DaggerPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
PotterJames GeorgePrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
PotterRobertPrivate28th BattalionAIF Project
PotterWilliam JohnPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
PryorHenry Bryce De VinsPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
PughRichard ThomasSergeant44th Battalion AIF Project
PurnellWalter JamesL/Cpl44th Battalion AIF Project
QuinnJames StanleyPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
RaffertyJamesL/Sergeant11th Battalion AIF Project
RaffertyRobert ScottLieut16th Battalion MMAIF Project
RaffertyThomasSergeant28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
RamsayRobertCorporal16th Battalion AIF Project
RamsdenWilfred HaroldCorporal2nd Australian Stationary HospitalKIADCM & MMAIF Project
RawsonFrederickPrivate5th Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
RaymondArthurPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
ReadRupert GeorgeSergeantAustralian Army Medical Corps AIF Project
RhoadesFrankDriver23rd Howitzer Brigade AIF Project
RieussetChristopher AndrewL/Corporal18th Army Service Corps AIF Project
RiversWalter SidneyB S m (WO2 Class)3rd Divisional Ammunition Column AIF Project
RobertsSamuel HavelockPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
RobertsonDavidSergt28th Battalion AIF Project
RobertsonGeorge JohnstonePrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
RobertsonThomas2nd Corporal6th Tunnelling CompanyAIF Project
RobinsBertram CecilCorpl44th Battalion AIF Project
RobinsPercy James ArthurGunner11th BattalionAIF Project
RogerAlexanderLieutenant44th Battalion AIF Project
RosserSydney CrichtonPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
RouseAlfred ArthurPrivate16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
RouseJohn EdwardPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
RoweHoward John BasilCorpl10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
RyanEdward VictorL/Corporal28th Battalion AIF Project
RyanWilliam JohnPrivate44 th Battalion KIAAIF Project
SeymourAlbert StanleyPrivate44 th Battalion AIF Project
SforcinaHenry VictorPrivate44 th Battalion AIF Project
ShadgettAlbert CharlesPrivate43rd Battalion AIF Project
ShaldersClarence RichardPrivate10th Light Horse RegimentAIF Project
ShaldersWilliam NorthamPrivate32 nd Battalion AIF Project
Sheehan JohnPrivate5 th Battalion AIF Project
SherarJames HenryPrivate16 th Battalion AIF Project
SherlockRupert GardinerSapper16 th Battalion AIF Project
ShieldsJohnSapper1st Divisional Signal CompanyAIF Project
ShortVictor AlfredBugler1 st Royal Australian Naval Bridging TrainAIF Project
SkeneAlexander CampbellPrivate44 th Battalion AIF Project
Smith John William PrivateArmy Corps Signal CompanyAIF Project
SmithStanley Brown2nd Lieut16th Battalion POWAIF Project
SmithWilliamPrivate10th Supply DepotAIF Project
SnookHarry GrahamCpl4th Field Ambulance AIF Project
SparkesAlex Bevan Cpl11 th Battalion AIF Project
SteedmanWilliam ThomasPrivate16 th Battalion AIF Project
StuberHenry LouisSergeant1st Australian Remount Unit AIF Project
SullivanJohn LawrencePrivate44 th Battalion AIF Project
SullivanPatrick FrancisPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
TapleyJosiah HenryPrivate32nd Battalion AIF Project
TaskerPercival LeslieL/Cpl51 st Battalion AIF Project
TaylorGeorge FrederickDriverField Company EngineersAIF Project
TeagueHarold OscarCapt1st Australian General HospitalKIAMiDAIF Project
TennantJames NeilCplRailway Unit AIF Project
ThomasCharles EdwardGunner1st Divisional Ammunition Column AIF Project
ThomasWilliam GuyL Cpl11 th Battalion AIF Project
ThomassonFrederick McCabePrivate11 th Battalion AIF Project
ThompsonJohnPrivate28th BattalionAIF Project
ThompsonHenry EdmundPrivate28th BattalionKIAAIF Project
ThompsonWilliam ThomasPrivate44 th Battalion KIAAIF Project
ThorleyFrankPrivate28 th Battalion AIF Project
TolmieJohn Leslie Private44th Battalion AIF Project
TreeThomas BurtyPrivate2nd Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
TuckettFrancis CurtisSapper3rd Divisional Signal Company MMAIF Project
TuckettFrancis JohnLieut3rd Divisional Signal CompanyKIAMCAIF Project
TuckettLewisCapt1st Divisional Signal CompanyMCAIF Project
TuckettPhillip SamuelLieut3rd Pioneer Battalion KIAAIF Project
TunnecliffeIsaac RobertSergeantDivisional Ammunition Column AIF Project
TurnbullCuthbert ËrnestPrivate28th Battalion KIAAIF Project
TurnbullJacob JohnSergeant11th Battalion AIF Project
TurnbullWilliam AlfredPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
UphamGordon Theodore WilliamPrivate10th Light Horse Regiment AIF Project
UrryCuthbert HadingeL/Cpl44th Battalion AIF Project
VardyWilliam JamesPrivate43rd Battalion AIF Project
VincentClaude StanislausPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
WalkerGeorge JohnsonPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
WalkerWilliam GeorgePrivate46 th Battalion MMAIF Project
WalshJohn James Lieut12 th Battalion AIF Project
WalshJames PatrickPrivate44th Battalion AIF Project
WalshThomas PatrickPrivate28 th Battalion AIF Project
WaltonJohn Joseph BainbridgeSergeant11 th Battalion AIF Project
WardWilliam EdwardPrivate28th BattalionAIF Project
WasherHarry Private16th Battalion KIAAIF Project
WeilandBenjamin CharlesChaplain 4th ClsChaplains' CorpsChaplainAIF Project
WellsFrankPrivate16th Battalion AIF Project
WerrettHerbert StanleyPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
WestbrookBaxterSergeant44th Battalion AIF Project
WhiteJohnSergeant44th Battalion AIF Project
WiddupPhineas ButlerPrivate11th Battalion AIF Project
WilkinsGeorge Egerton MolesworthSapper1st to 5th Divisional Signal Companies AIF Project
WilkinsonGeorge EdmundPrivateImperial Camel Corps AIF Project
WilliamsAlfred HoracePrivateAustralian Army Medical CorpsAIF Project
WilsonHorace PatrickSgt16th Battalion KIAMMAIF Project
WinsladeFrederick OwenPrivate28th Battalion AIF Project
WinsladeJames GordonT/Cpl28th Battalion AIF Project
WoodSamuel WilliamL Corpl44th Battalion AIF Project
WrenWalter EdwardPrivate51st Battalion AIF Project
YarnoldArthurPrivate5th Pioneer Battalion AIF Project
YoungJohn VictorPrivate21st Battalion AIF Project


A selection of some of Victoria Park's Great War diggers, including a family of four brothers.

Anton Alexander Anderson
Sergeant, 4th Field Ambulance
Walter Anthony Ayling DCM
Lieutenant, 11th Battalion
Bob Heard Baker
Private, 16th Battalion
Archibald George Bathgate
Corporal, 11th Battalion
William Edward Beard
Private, 61st Battalion
George Bell
Private, 11th Battalion
Frank Hilton Benporath
Sergeant Major, 48th Battalion
Frank Bogue
Signaller, 5th Pioneers
Joseph Hamilton Bogue
Private, 31st Battalion
Edgar Vernon Brady
Trooper, 10th Light Horse Regiment
Arthur Edward Carse
Lieutenant, 16th Battalion
Wilfred Henry Castles
Private, 51st Battalion
George Francis Castles
Private, 54th Battalion
Edward Harley Castles
Private, 11th Battalion
Arthur Harold Castles
Lieutenant, 51st Battalion
Frederick George Clark
Private, 51st Battalion
Walter Felix Deverall
Private, 28th Battalion
Arthur Lancelot Devenish
Private, 11th Battalion
William Karlin Downey
Sergeant, 7th Field Artillery Brigade
Reginald Walter Dovey
Lieutenant, 4th Australian Machine Gun Corps
Henry Ducie
Private, 12th Battalion
John William Barker Elshaw
Private, 15th Battalion
Donald Ernest Ewers
Private, 44th Battalion
George Fardell
Sergeant Farrier, 3rd Field Ambulance
Raymond Columbus Fitzpatrick
Driver, 3rd Field Artillery Brigade
Walter Vincent Fitzpatrick
Second Lieutenant, 51st Battalion
Cyril Arthur Geddes
Lieutenant, 16th Battalion
Arthur Coombs Goddard
Gunner, 3rd Australian Field Artillery Brigade
Allan Hopkins
Gunner, 21st Field Artillery Brigade
Wilfred Edward Mellor
Private, 28th Battalion
Robert Thompson McMaster
Captain, 10th Light Horse Regiment
Leonard Pantall
Private, 16th Battalion
John Leslie Tomlie
Lance Corporal, 44th Battalion
Clarence Richard Shalders
Sapper, 1st Signal Squadron
Victor Reginald Shalders
Private, 33rd Battalion