These VIPs were given this luncheon in deep appreciation for all their dedicated time and efforts in collecting donations and selling POPPIES for Remembrance Day at various locations. Volunteering is about giving your time to meet and greet people of all ages and enjoying yourself as well. Unfortunately we had some who couldn’t make it on the day. Sorry you missed it, you were thought of on the day.

This year – 2015 – is especially important to the Victoria Park RSL Sub Branch with the focus being on the Memorial Wall for the WW1 Victoria Park Veterans, where relatives can come and show respect to family members along with the general public. This project has also involved extremely dedicated and capable Volunteers giving many, many hours to researching and verifying all the relevant information received. Well done to them. We are also fortunate to have a very dedicated gardener coming in each fortnight to “keep up appearances” around the Sub Branch.

A very friendly and noisy mob enjoyed a variety of 3 course meal selections. Delicious.

A piece of trivia. After leaving ANZAC House one couple got caught by, the then upcoming GIANTS geyser Promotion, although warned by one of the operators of the giant marionettesaka Liliputians dressed in red, one in particular had the daylights frightened out of them because you couldn’t tell exactly when the noisy rush of air and water would blow.

We’re delighted to say we’re two thirds of the way towards our target for the Memorial Wall at Victoria Park.


The building of the WW1 Memorial Wall project started today with contractors onsite and we had a photo shoot with some of the main people involved in the getting together of grants, etc necessary to ensure that project happened. (more…)

The Sub Branch capped off a big year with Christmas celebrations on December 19.  It was a large, colourful event, and a great way for members to catch up.  Here’s to an equally exciting 2015! (more…)

 Table Top Traders at the Gurney Club

The Victoria Park Sub-branch RSL will host the following Table Top Traders Fairs in 2015:

Sunday 11th January  9.30am to 3.00pm (Sellers admitted from 8am)

Sunday 8th  March 9.30am to 3.00pm  (Sellers admitted from 8am)


Entry is $3 per person, with Seniors and Children free. Part proceeds will go to RSLWA.

If you have vintage, antique, collectable, art or craft goods to sell and are interested in becoming a seller, please contact Sugar Santangelo on [email protected] or call 0401 588 580.

Poppy Day Appeal Banner

Poppy Day Appeal Banner

2014 Poppy Appeal

Victoria Park Sub Branch participated quite widely this year and stretched our volunteers to the max.  We covered

  • Swansea Street Markets
  • Victoria Park Streets
  • Top of the Park Shopping Centre
  • 4WD Adventure Show
  • Perth CBD
  • Victoria Primary School
  • Millen Primary School
  • Victoria Park Rotary


Club President Kelvin Liddiard also attached the Victoria Park Rotary Club on Remembrance day for a breakfast which included a presentation on Remembrance Day and the WW1 Memorial Wall project.

Our volunteers sold poppies for the Poppy Appeal at the following locations in Perth CBD:

  • Corner Barrack St and St Georges Tce
  • Corner Barrack and Hay Streets (Perth Town Hall)
  • Corner Barrack and Wellington Streets
  • Outside The Cloisters, St Georges Tce


Sub-branch members used the chance to let the public know more about our Centenary Memorial Wall Project.

Thanks4wd and adventure show logo

To all the businesses and people who contributed to the Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal Collections of which the funds go to the Sailors’, Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Relief Trust Fund we offer a huge thank you.  The money donated going towards raising much needed funds for welfare work. We could not do it without you.

A huge thank you from the Sub Branch to the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show for their support on Remembrance Day each year by allowing us to collect on the days of the show, which is usually the weekend prior to Remembrance Day.  It is a huge help with funds towards the Welfare Fund.

To our volunteers who worked tirelessly to help raise the funds, a huge thank you for your time and efforts.


‘Remember in November.’

At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, one minute of silence is observed across the country to mark the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front during WWI, after four years of warfare.

About the Poppy Appeal

During the First World War, red poppies were among the first plants to bloom in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. In soldier’s folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground, making the poppy symbolic of the bloodshed in trench warfare.

The Poppy Appeal contributes significantly to the fundraising work of the RSL. The largest fundraising activity of the Appeal is the sale of poppies beginning in late October each year. Money raised is used to assist both current and former serving members of the Australian and Allied defence forces and their dependents when in need. The RSL encourages all Australians to purchase a poppy and “Remember in November”



The Centenary Memorial Wall Project discussed in prime time

On Friday 7 November, Today Tonight Perth featured a story on our Centenary Memorial Wall Project.

A film crew visited the Gurney Club several weeks ago to put together the story, including conducting an interview with our President, Kelvin Liddiard.

Don’t forget to contact us if you’d like to get involved in making our Centenary Memorial Wall a reality.


Centenary Memorial Wall Project – Fundraising Campaign

On Thursday 25th September, Kelvin Liddiard, President and the Committee of the RSL launched a project to create a new memorial wall,  commemorating servicemen from Victoria Park.

The project is featured in a video documentary produced by Gerald Ashcroft from  Stories to be Told, and features a unique project logo.

Fundraising to support the creation of the wall is progressing well, with over $50,000 already pledged.  To show your support for this important local project, please contact us for details.


Background to the Project

View the Video for the Centenary Memorial Wall Project

This video documentary, produced by Gerald Ashcroft from Stories to be Told, tells the story behind the Centenary Memorial Wall Project


VPRSL MemorialWall Flyer1_Page_2

Plans for the Memorial Wall. Click on the image to see a large view.

Centenary Celebrations for Victoria Park

Forthcoming Centenary celebrations across Australia are at present being promoted by the Department of Defence, Department of Veterans Affairs, the RSL and other ex Service Organisations in memory of Australia’s commitment to our involvement in the First World War.

Australia, as part of the British Empire had federated all States and became known as the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. When World War 1 was declared, Australia, as part of the British Empire was asked to enlist/recruit soldiers and other personnel to help sustain the conflict that was raging in Europe at that time. Western Australia and indeed, the Town of Victoria Park played a significant part in the unfolding events of 1914/15. Victoria Park was selected as a recruiting/mobilisation point for the City of Perth. Research has shown that some 433 citizens were recruited from the environs of the Town of Victoria Park.

The Memorial Wall Project

Our Sub Branch is undertaking the memorable task of remembering and honouring those citizens from the Town of Victoria Park who volunteered/enlisted to “Save the Empire”. The Sub Branch commitment is to erect a memorial wall at the Sub Branch and list all of those who served (from Victoria Park locality only) by placing a bronze plaque on the wall citing their name, some service details, etc. To this end we have applied to several agencies for funding to help offset the cost of this project.

Architects and a building maintenance contractor along with other trades people have been approached to offer services and quotes for the project. Estimated cost in total will be $200,000 to complete this project. We will also be seeking donations from Victoria Park business houses, the general public and indeed all those who have an interest in this project.

Download the pdf for the Memorial Wall project

The Story

War memorials do not praise war, they honour people

In 1914/1915 boys and men alike enlisted to fight a war. To them this was their calling…. Their duty to their country. The Town of Victoria Park was established as a major enlistment center at that time.

Some boys were no older than fourteen. They should have been attending school, chasing friends, looking for employment. Instead, they were entrenched by the screams of eroded flesh and the stench of death.

They honoured us by going. But so few returned. Those who did were maimed…. In body. In spirit. Parents lost sons. Children were orphaned. Women were widowed. No longer a mother.

There were no graves to visit. No ashes to strew.  No knowledge. No closure.

It is the Victoria Park RSL’s intention to create a place where descendants can come. Mourn. Remember. Find solace.

How you can help

Your contribution will help us erect a memorial wall at the Sub Branch and list all of those who served (from Victoria Park locality only) by placing a bronze plaque on the wall citing their name, some service details, etc. Depending on funding we will also be looking at creating a memorial walk that will allow the next generation understand the sacrifices made by our lost boys.

The campaign has been broken down into phases so as to better highlight where the money raised will be going:

  • The first goal of $150,000 will fund the construction of the memorial and the wall
  • The second goal of an additional $80,000 will fund construction of the 433 bronze plaques for each of the fallen soldiers
  • The third goal of an additional $45,000+ will allow the Victoria Park RSL to develop a memorial walk and display/theatre room for the next generation

If you would like to help make this a reality, please contact us to find out how.

tabletop fair

Traders Fair Draws Bargain Hunters

On Sunday September 2, our headquarters were buzzing with energy at the first Table Top Traders Fair. Vintage and antique goods, collectables and craft items offered a buying bonanza for market goers.Buyers were admitted at $3 per person (Seniors and Children free), with part proceeds from the fair going to support RSLWA.

There was also strong demand from sellers at the fair, with tables available for $30.  The market will return to Victoria Park Sub-branch RSL on Sunday 11 January and Sunday 8 March, 2015.  Interested sellers may contact the market organisers on [email protected] or contact organiser Sugar Santangelo on 0401 588 580.




Open Day combined with the AGM this year, and a festive atmosphere was guaranteed.  Some of the highlights included:

  • Fun for kids including bouncy castle and playground
  • BBQ, drink and cake stall thanks for Lions and Girl Guides
  • Displays including the combined Torana and Holden car clubs, plus 10th Light Horse
  • Raffle, with proceeds to the Memorial Wall.